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This teen is suspended for being supportive of Canadian tragedy.

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A Quebec high school student who wore a jersey to school to show support for the victims of the crash involving the Humboldt Broncos says he was kicked out of class for his gesture.

Philippe Volek, 14, decided to wear a red and blue soccer shirt to his high school in Ste-Adele, north of Montreal, on Thursday after hearing about a nationwide Jersey Day event to honour the 16 people killed in the Saskatchewan crash.

He said he was motivated to take part because he has a one-hour bus ride to school each day and realizes accidents can happen to anyone.

“If it (were to) happen here, they’d probably do a movement like this and I thought it was important to support the families,” Volek said in a phone interview with The Canadian Press.

But Volek said his teacher sent him to the principal’s office for violating the school’s dress code.

There, he was given a choice: either replace the jersey with a school-approved polo shirt or accept a suspension from class.


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